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Elastas – Your expert source for polyurethane products and comprehensive services tailored to your unique needs.

Our core offerings of molded polyurethane products span various industries, from furniture to transport and healthcare. In addition to these, we take pride in extending our capabilities to include an impressive suite of services. With cutting-edge 3D scanning and development, precision metal and plywood components, advanced 5-axis CNC milling, and meticulous mold production, we empower our clients with a full spectrum of options to realize their vision. 

Our dedicated team crafts tailored, sustainable solutions that elevate your projects to new heights. Join us for seamless integration of form and function


Molding Using Metal Components

We develop and supply metal components – frames, brackets, metal legs and any other accessories. Molding the foam together with metal components provides the products stability, strength and endurance. Our experience allows us to mold the components seamlessly – to avoid any discomfort and ensure the best possibly quality.

Molding using plywood components

Plywood and MDF parts are a very often used component for any upholstered furniture, whether it‘d be dining, lounge, bar chairs or sofas. Most often used to facilitate upholstery, plywood and MDF parts can also be used as decorative pieces. We develop and produce most of these components in – house.
3D development
Elastas has a team of experienced engineers, ready to provide their services. Our team specializes in surface modelling, design improvements, consulting and providing technical solutions. We can make almost any product easy to produce and quick to upholster, all the while aiming for best price possible.
Any product, especially if it‘s a part of a new collection, can benefit from prototyping. We can produce both CNC milled and molded prototypes, depending on whether the client wants to evaluate the look and shape of the product or to feel the comfort – exactly as it would be - when running fully scaled production.