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Polyurethane Foam

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We‘re happy to introduce a sustainable foam solution in the range of molded polyurethane foam products we manufacture. The ELASPOINT foam we produce is made partly from 100% renewable content

High Resilience

Standard High Resilience foam, most often used in the production of furniture and transport industry. It is characterized by high response rate and long lasting comfort. All these qualities make it a perfect choice for comfort seating.


Rigid polyurethane foam has similar qualities to plastic. It has high density and is very durable. This type of foam caRigid n be used as a part of inner structure to maintain shape and provide stability. It can also be molded together with metal and plywood frames to ensure even higher strength.

Visco Elastic

Also known as memory foam, Visco Elastic foam has a slower response rate and lower resilience. It is less bouncy and more adaptable to the objects in contact with it. Visco Elastic foam is mostly used in bedding and healthcare markets, thanks to it’s unique ability to match the human body perfectly.

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Experience growth and reliability with Elastas, your trusted partner in molded polyurethane foam production. Our team of professionals, advanced production lines and flexibility ensure effective implementation of your ideas and smooth transition to mass production.


Explore our range of foam molding materials

Home Furniture

Home Furniture

Polyurethane molding technology allows us to create intrisic shapes perfectly suited for furniture, such as dining, lounge, bar chairs, sofas, etc. Long lasting qualities of high resilience foam makes it a perfect choice for home furniture

Contract Furniture

By accurately tracking and controlling the quality of our products we can ensure that every piece of each mass production order has exactly the same qualities and comfort. Our large production capacity allows us to efficiently provide for contract market.


Visco elastic foam is less resistant than standard foam. This makes it a perfect solution for healthcare industry. Memory foam easily adapts to the shape of the human body. Combining it with standard high resilience foam provides additional comfort and longevity

Office Spaces

Large part of our production is dedicated to office furniture. We can produce office chairs, 2 seaters, 3 seaters, parts of silent boxes and other accessories. Elastas has a demonstrated experience both developing and producing office furniture for major manufacturers


Molded polyurethane foam has long been used for automotive, train and sea transport. Long lasting quality and comfort of molded foam makes it a perfect choice. Combining the foam together with aluminum frames ensures light weight and durable products

Need more information?

Please contact us. We’re always available for an RFQ or an introductory meeting. Simply write us a message or go out and call us right now.

Need more information?

Please contact us. We’re always available for an RFQ or an introductory meeting. Simply write us a message or go out and call us right now.